a nth time newbie

starts and stops…

that sums up my experience with blogs.

almost from the time blogging started, i blogged. i spent time on custom designing my page and only manage to post an entry or two.

i even had a “secret” blogsite. the only ones who knew about them are my cyber friends from an adult site.

so what am i doing now?

i am researching about laws & guidelines about the fund allocation for senior citizens by the barangays and found a blog site for fiscal administration practitioners. i fear i am being presumptuous in thinking that i somehow belong to those practitioners because i am only administering the fiscal budget of the lowest local government unit. i wanted to comment/ask about one of the posts i read and it can’t be posted. several times i tried but to no avail.

so now, i have a blog…again.

this time around, i did not spend more time than necessary in customizing my layout. i went with the presets. i hope this will be my last start.


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