budget for the senior citizens as applicable to the barangays

in the general appropriations act from 2002 to present, a section there always state “one percent of the total fiscal budget should be allocated for the senior citizens and the disabled”.

i’ve read them. i have been informed of that by my mom who was a former secretary of the municipal office for senior citizens affairs. i have also been informed of that by the auditor assigned to our town a few years ago. and yet, our municipality only allocated that last year. this is the first year that the barangays in our town will allocate it and it will be allocated using supplementary budgets or realignment.

i can’t find any guidelines as to how to go about his. the senior citizens barangay officers have been clamoring for their one percent share. and barangay treasurers are scrambling on how to do this.

if the phrase on all the acts, memoranda, circulars, resolutions say “one percent for the senior citizens and the disabled”, am i correct in assuming that both sectors will share the one percent translating to 0.5% for each sector? thereby making the barangay senior citizens officers wrong in asking for the whole one percent.

also, what are the guidelines in the disbursements of these funds? do we, the barangay council, just issue the barangay officers the lump sum? personally, i don’t think that is the right procedure. treasurers disburse funds according to the new government accounting system. what are the allowable expenditures of the senior citizens of the barangay that can lawfully be disbursed.

if and when my barangay will allocate this obligation, i will stand firm on the point that they cannot get all of the one percent.

i hope someone or some agency be kind enough to enlighten the punong barangays and barangay treasurers on this issue.


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