Acu, Ica, Icata

Acu, Ica, Icata

Atlung Butilyang Capampangan



maralas balisa

cabaragbag a problema

ing capaldan anting ala.


aquilalang bigla

antimong anghel a digpa

qng pangadi – mequibat Ya.


icatang adua

meca-labing siyam nang banua

angang-anga, icata na.



My first try with Butilya. Edited by Ka Elysian Tulang Liham and Ka Oliver Carlos.

A month ago, I read Ka Oliver Carlos’ post about this uniquely Kapampangan poetry form started by Ka Ernie Turla. As explained on the post, it has three stanzas consisting of four lines with the number of syllables patterned as 2-6-8-8. Somehow identical to or a variation of the Tanaga, a Japanese traditional poetry form. In Ka Oliver’s words,

….pitungi-tungi lang miyuyugne estropa a magsilbing butil (like beads/grains) ning kaisipan a lalong magtumingkad uli’ng sasalamin la king Kulturang Kapampangan at bibye lang mayap a payul at guyabnan king mayap a panugali a balamu wari kwintas lang misasabit king batal da ring makabasa…

The stanzas are related and serves as beads or grains of thought which mirrors the Kapampangan Culture. Also, it gives advice and guide for good manners.

My deepest thanks to you both. I’ll try to make another one. 🙂 Ali cayu pu sana sasaua quing pamangutang ampo pamagpasaup cu pu quecayu. Am truly blessed for having your friendship.


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