Indeed one of the tragedies in life is having no goal to reach. But who are we to say that a particular person has no goal? What if that particular person is wallowing abject poverty?

All have goals, I believe. But to the majority, it is simply looking for the next food on the table. To us who do view the world, and life, in a broader perspective, know that that can never be enough. But what if that is only what their minds can grasp? Who are we to judge then, especially when we do not help in alleviating their poverty or raising their level of consciousness and awareness?

But then, that is a large-scale view. The barrio setting provides a smaller view. They do have goals, too. To finally ‘finish’ their house. To have their kids finish even just the elementary level. To have their daughter go to Japan or marry a foreigner. To have their elder children get work so they could help in raising their younger siblings.

Goals. But not the right set that will truly better their condition raise their level of awareness. Just plain survival.


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