Connnectivity – a boon or a bane?

Opening this blog, I saw choices for connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr. Am a trigger-happy mouse-clicker so I connected this on all of the given choices except Linked-In. I vaguely remember I also do have an account there. But enough is enough. I think Weebly and WordPress are alike. I think I should just delete my Weebly.

My first experimental post here, a transfer actually, surprised me. Twitter posted my blog post. Facebook too. Tumblr too! And since my Twitter and Facebook accounts are connected, Twitter posts to Facebook all my tweets. Now, I have to go reset the app settings on Facebook or else my Facebook wall will be flooded with updates from this WordPress blog of mine or else my Facebook friends might “unfriend” me for the deluge of nonsensical posts.

Tumblr also posts on Twitter and Twitter in turn posts on Facebook. Bad thing is, I can’t find the setting for Tumblr-Twitter connectivity!

My Yahoo is connected to sites I couldn’t remember now. What I can remember though is, all my Google accounts are connected. (duh!) Now I should start remembering that my WordPress, Weebly, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo and Gmail accounts are connected. Also, I wouldn’t and shouldn’t connect Tagged to any of these accounts of mine.

On my android device, am online 24/7. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+, Google+ Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo  Messenger, Tagged, Youtube, Dropbox. I removed Skydrive and Googledrive. Not only my accounts are connected, I am connected to the world wide web 24/7!

Boon or bane?

A boon for it easily connects me to my friends. A bane because they have been used to me being always “there”, there are times they couldn’t understand my absence for a few hours. A boon because all information are just a fingertip touch stylus click away. A bane because my reading time got gobbled up by my android. Oh I do get to read ebooks but my “real” books have piled up.

The past few days, I went AWOL online when my androids were on sickbay. I managed to finish two paperbacks of Dean Koontz. But I felt uneasy at times. I missed Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, YM, Youtube, Siwala’s blog and my news stream. Maybe the days I were absent were very few for the relief to be felt.


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