Numbers for Christmas 2012

The old house is packed to bursting with four generations of my husband’s family. Yes, family and not clan. The clan would need a stadium, I think. Oh wait, which clan? Both clans from my father-in-law’s side are numerous. But then, that is a different story altogether. am sticking to my husband’s parents as a starting point in this.

The first generation is now down to one person, my late mother-in-law’s only surviving sibling. They were only three siblings. My late father-in-law had four other siblings. All have gone on to a better place, along with their respective spouses.

The second generation numbers nine, all married except for one. Eight multiplied twice, for their spouses, 17 comes up.

The third generation has 26 (and still counting), with only five already married. Five multiplied twice, again for their spouses, 31 is the number of this generation. The youngest among them is two years old.

The fourth generation has six and counting. The second youngest was baptized in Catholic rites just before Christmas day. The youngest hasn’t been baptized. I hope my own sons would not add to the fourth gen quite just yet. 😉

Adding them up, it comes to 55. Eight family members weren’t able to come. So the old house hosted 47 people this Christmas 2012.

My own side of the family only consists of exactly a dozen members. My Dad is an only child. My Mom only has two surviving siblings. I only have one sibling and one cousin. If I add the adopted ones who have all gone their separate paths from ours, there should be an additional eight members.

Right now, one of the members of the second generation is pregnant. That’s one more for the third generation. How many more to be born in 2013? Would there be new marriages next year? Hope no one leaves us, though.

What would the numbers be like for Christmas 2013?


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