Faith…I never thought that there will come a time in my life that faith would be my lifeline. Faith is one of my weaker points. I am more prone to anger and actiin rather than faith and action. Without Mom’s great faith in God, I’m not sure if I’m here as I am here now. When everyone turned their backs on us, Mother Nature embraced us. She slowly mended the unraveling threads of our lives. Mom proved, and is still proving to me that faith indeed move mountains and make life worth living. Believing that one day, in spite of all the things I have gone through, am going through, and still will go through, I’ll realize all my dreams…that’s faith.

Found these words written on an index card. It was my handwriting. These words were the words of my teenaged self.

Turning the card over, I found these words:

I believe I wrote these lines at the back of a postcard which I sent to Daddy a few months back, year 1994. I’m not 100% sure but chances are, I did send these lines to him.

31 December 2012
I strongly feel I wrote those lines above during my mid to late teens. My propensity for using index cards was during those years.

Connecting it to the words at the back of the card, I guess I wrote those lines with my father in mind and it took a few years before I managed to tell him that.


How has my faith evolved from that troubled point in my past to this troubled point in my present?

How has faith carried me or at the least, influenced me in the ensuing decades?

Approaching the big 4-0, can I, in full honesty, say that my faith and belief in Catholicism is stronger than ever? Or weaker?

No. Suffice it to say, it has been a rollercoaster and I haven’t left the ride.

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One thought on “Faith

  1. Please remain in your seat. 🙂 And read your Bible often.


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