The Cat on a Rant

So many facebook groups. So many group contests. So many facebook accounts asking for likes for such contests.

I have personally asked for likes three or four times in the whole of my facebook existence but I make sure that those I endorse are for worthwhile activities.

Even grades on homeworks/projects nowadays are being partly determined by getting the most number of likes. Geez!

With this, I know I may come across as snobbish and standoffish but determining a winner just on the basis of number of likes just doesn’t hack it for me. Popularity contests, that I can figure out. But academic grades? Poetry? Beauty?

Also, liking a page before liking an entry just adds clutter to my account. It’s such a chore to clean up pages and accounts every now and then.

But all for the name of friendship and goodwill, I do click on like on all the personal requests I receive. What raises my goat is, one, a newly accepted fb friend will immediately ask me to like an entry, and two, repeated requests for likes on one’s entry across several groups and or pages. Does the latter type have no life outside of facebook?! If so, wouldn’t it be better to spend some of that time to things that have more worth than simply socializing?

As opposed to trolling for likes on contests, there are those who spend their time haranguing, badmouthing, and stalking other accounts using numerous trolls. I really think these people have a better cyber life than real life.

Another thing I noticed. There are some who justs clicks on ‘add friend’ and never bother to introduce themselves. Even if I send them a message asking them who they are, they lack the basic decency to reply.

Is this what social networks teach us? Is this what we allow our younger generation to imbibe and turn into?

Life is short for us humans. There are tons of worthwhile things to involve one’s self in. Fun is a necessity to keep one’s equilibrium. But do we abandon plain good manners and respect for all our other co-inhabitants in this existence just so we could say to ourselves, “I am alive”?

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