I am not a Kapampangan

I am an advocate of Kapampangan, neither an expert nor a scholar. My knowledge on Kapampangan are in broad strokes. If and when I can provide the minutest details about everything I share on my Facebook wall and various Kapampangan Facebook groups, then that would make me an expert. To be a genuine expert, I first have to be a scholar. And that is not on the cards for me at this point of my life. I simply share things that are designed to make Kapampangans think and delve deeper into. Spouting off knee-jerk comments that even on cursory research will invalidate the words of the knee-jerk comment/s is simply being, well, a plain old jerk.

Broad: “Kapampangan is a language and not a dialect.”

Asking me what are all the dialects under it, I couldn’t list it. What I only remember is Anicia del Corro in her research study done years (decades?) ago identified five or seven dialects and a foreigner before her also identified several. Also, JC Galliard on his article last year indicated that there is an emergent Kapanguluan dialect.

Cursory Googling and Wikipedia-ing will show that Kapampangan is one of the major languages of the Philippines. It will also show that the United Nations included Kapampangan among the endangered languages. But then, we all got to know how to separate the wheat and the chaff. And that is where further research coupled with an open mind and a real desire to learn will definitely help.

Capampangan ka. Bait at tubu queng labuad Capampangan. Daia mu Capampangan. O’bat e me paquibaluan at panigaralan ing egana-ganang macapatungcul queng quecang Indung Ibatan? (You are a Kapampangan. Born and bred in Kapampangan lands. Your blood is Kapampangan. Why don’t you learn everything about your heritage?)

In this day and age of readily accessible information, remaining ignorant and steeped in age-old knowledge is a choice.

Minanu cu uari nung e iu panualan a ing quecaiung Amanung Sisuan e ia lengguai? Caranup que? Camate que? Minanu cu uari nung mate ia pin ing Amanung Sisuan? Dumaia cu pusu. Mate ing metung a parti ning canacung caladdua. Dapot e cu mate. Dapot e cu dumanup. (If you refuse to believe that Kapampangan is not a language, what will it mean to me? Will it make me go hungry? Would it physically kill me? If the Kapampangan will truly fade away, what will its effect on me may be? My heart will bleed. A part of my soul will wither and die. But I will not die nor go hungry.) But, how would you, as a pure-blooded Kapampangan fare with your own language and heritage becoming so diluted that it eventually ceases to be in existence? What would be your identity then?

I wasn’t born here. I did not grow up here. The language is not my suckled language. My blood is only a touch Kapampangan. Thus I am not a Kapampangan but YOU are a Kapampangan. Am merely a supporter. Blocking me on Facebook for the mere reason that I do not back away from my belief that Kapampangan is a language will not make this internationally accepted fact disappear into thin air. Blocking me on Facebook for the mere reason that I personally choose to use the Baculud orthography will not erase the fact that there indeed is a Baculud orthography. Blocking me on Facebook for the mere reason that I read and write and promote the Indigenous Kapampangan Script Kulitan will not make the script merely a figment of my imagination.

Spouting that you love your language, that you are proud to be Kapampangan is nothing but just mere words. Learn your language. Learn your history. Learn your culture. For it is your heritage. For it is what makes you a Kapampangan.

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