“…funny how from simple things, the best things begin….”

How did this evolve into what it is now?

It was all just fun and games at the group and then the ‘break’ happened. I never looked around nor asked for allies and defenders. But there you were, along with several others.

Was it WeChat or was it plain old SMS which brought us here? I can’t remember and I couldn’t check because I have reformatted and changed mobiles several times since then. And you have reformatted too. But basing on my penchant for calling over messaging, I guess it was plain old SMS which was the culprit.

I seem to remember the early days as me being swamped with paperworks and find replying to messages too bothersome since it takes away one of my hands from continuing the work on my documents. Add to that the issue with my internet provider.

It is funny remembering the early days. You were so full of ‘opo’ and ‘po’ which gradually decreased over time and which in turn turned into occassional ‘lectures’ and or ‘directives’ from you. It still cracks me up whenever I remember one of your earliest messages on Facebook about Mikey.

I remember the times when we both still have our messaging histories on SMS and WeChat and we continually refer to them to correct each other with our outrageously funny claims.

I don’t want to remember the time you got me pressured with MMS. It still makes me so embarassed. Yeah, I guess you are right – I really am a prude most of the time. Oh and, I still can’t quite get over the ‘strange noises.’ But I do admit that it is hilarious in its embarassing frame.

The time logs gradually increased without us really meaning to. I remember the surprise when we check it afterwards. After that 18:03:58, neither of us checked the logs again.

You helped me a lot several times without really doing anything. Just you being there on my ear during my stressful times was enough. I zip through my paperworks when you’re there and prevented me from getting too cranky and fed up.

It is fun letting some people think that there is something more going on. That wasn’t my cup of tea but you made it fun. And it was a nice experiment on human nature. I guess my natural warm regard for you did not necessitate any acting on my part and made it easy for me. It simply flowed.

Yes, it was me who first fell asleep while we were on the phone. That was when I was on a seminar in Baguio. Thank you for making sure I was really just asleep and not sprawled somewhere in the hotel drunkenly passed out. But I still maintain I wasn’t drunk. I was lucid enough to bring myself several floors down to my room and perform bedtime rituals before succumbing to sleep. Though I really did forget that I was on the phone with someone before I started snoring. When my head hit the pillow, it was la-la land for me. That, I guess, was what started the sleep-calls.

It’s all so easy for me. You make it so. No pressures. No hidden agendas. No pretenses. No masks. No hidden desires. No trying to put on a facade of the best foot forward. Just plain and natural individuals.

I stand on my word of yore: you sooth me even if you are ranting or singing or snorting or snoring. Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for Potpot. You’ll always be my “batang feelingerong emoterong snorer.” 😛PhotoGrid_1381198847445


2 thoughts on “Potpot

  1. Ang sweet naman ni ate potpot 😀


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