Not So Quick a Trip

I seem to remember that the movie on board when I last rode a Victory Liner bus to Tarlac was Hansel and Gretel. It is what is playing again. But this time, we’re passing through SCTEX and not McArthur Highway/MNR.

Google Maps say that it is 59 kilometers from our house to the Legislative Building, Tarlac City via SCTEX and would approximately take 55 minutes. But that is based on driving and not via public transportation.

I left our house at 8:15 in the morning. I first took a jeepney from my barangay to the town proper, 3.5 km. Next is a jeepney again to Angeles City, 9.4 km. Third jeepney to Astro Park, 4.8 km. Fourth jeepney is to Dau, 1.3 km. The bus to Tarlac is the fifth vehicle, 44 km. Last is a tricycle to the building, 1.3 km. I reached my destination at 11:46 a.m., travelling a total of 64.3 kilometers for three hours and   31 minutes.

After an hour, I concluded my business. For the return trip, I guess I will also spend the same amount of time. There goes my whole Monday.

For the total travel time I had in commuting, I would have been able to finish my errand and the round trip with a quick side-trip to Moncada  and still have some time left in the afternoon for other activities.

Yes, I really do need a car because our jeep is not expressway-worthy. But it is one of those things in my life I couldn’t afford.

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