A Personal Celebration of Womanhood

Never was I comfortable in being a female. Always have been a tomboy. Never went for feminine pursuits and activities. Never was patient with beauty products and beauty care. My mom has that world down pat and I never followed in her footsteps. Hell do I care if I cannot and do not present myself as physically attractive as I can be with the help of present-day cosmetics.

I never was comfortable too in accepting compliments. I take them all with a grain of salt. I know myself, I always say, and what they say are things I know aren’t all that true.

But the past few years, I have learned more about myself. I have learned to accept who I am as a woman and as an individual. Not just the go-to of every single family member and the glue who keeps everyone together and afloat.

I am me. An individual. A woman. I am neither beautiful nor sexy per society’s standards but I know I am attractive in my own way – physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Good thing I never had daughters, I would have failed them in their development and view of femininity.

Cheers to womanhood and individuality.


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