No Turning Back

A few steps forward and then a glance back. Longing for whatever I still can glimpse back there.

Suddenly, a glimmer renders me immobile. I stand there and stare back until something forces me to take more steps forward, however grudgingly.

More steps. More back glances. Every step forward is leaden. Until a turn looms.

With quickening steps, I eagerly rush towards it. But alas, it leads farther away from whence I came. The road back has become too hazy until there’s nothing left to see of the road I am pining for.

Trudging and unseeing, I move along the roads that appear. The only respite I have has disappeared. Only the memories are left to accompany me on my blind journey.

There really is no turning back. Several more turns and even the memories will dim and fade. Until there will be nothing left anymore.

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