On your 41st year as a Father, Daddy.

Among the hundreds of pictures we have together, Daddy, these two are what will always be my favorites.

Basing on the fuzzy images of the number of candles on the cakes, we were celebrating my second or third birthday on the right photo and your birthday on the left one.

Except for those pictures taken during my infancy, I always remember a background story or at the very least, a tidbit, for all the pictures that we have. But for these two pictures, there is nothing.

Despite the absence of any concrete memory, these pictures blanket me with the warmth of the unique love shared by fathers and daughters. These pictures symbolize the time of innocence.

I wished we travelled a normal path. I wished you showed that you are indeed my hero. I wished your love for me never changed. I wished that despite any and every thing that happened in your marriage, you never changed towards us, your daughters.

But then, as they say, all is water under the bridge. We all are still here. We survived. And just like a circle, we’re all together again. But it’s different this time. Blinders are all off. We’re all older and you’re the one in need of care.

I prayed and prayed that you can finally attain contentment and peace. That you finally see that what you have is enough. That you finally realize that you have gone far from your not so desirable past. That you finally accept that you are blessed. But despite your sickness, I do not think nor feel you have achieved any of those.

Half of my blood and flesh came from you but I will never forsake nor leave you. For family and loved ones, I will sacrifice my life and my soul. For me, blood will always be blood and flesh will always be flesh. And that is where our difference lies.

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One thought on “On your 41st year as a Father, Daddy.

  1. Oh, that is your dad in the picture? wow.


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