Online Course Diary – Day 1

20 June 2014

Looking around the Coursera website, I was getting pretty disinterested because I cannot find a writing course. Then suddenly, the search showed the Crafting the Effective Writer course. Admittedly, I did not really paid much attention to the date it will start because I was too excited to check it out. I simply clicked on join the course. Lo and behold, the “go to class” icon appeared. Apparently, the course starts today. I joined at just before midnight of the 20th of June on my side of the world and it was around nine in the morning on their side of the world.

I went though the entire introduction and first unit right then and there and participated a bit in the forums until three in the morning.

One of the activities in the first unit was to post an introduction on the forum and this is what I put in:

One of the activities in the first unit was to post an introduction on the forum and this is what I put in:

I am Jocelyn Magno-Sotto but Google knows me better as Joey Magno-Sotto. I am married and a mother to three boys ages 21, 19, and 17. I was born and raised in the Philippines and never lived in any other country, only visited a few. I have an above average skill in speaking and writing in three languages, English, Filipino, and Kapampangan.

I consider English as my first language albeit I am a Filipino because English was what my household used since even before I was born. So why did I choose this course, you may wonder. My weakness has always been theories and structures. I know what words to use in crafting an essay, or a poem, or a short story but ask me about grammatical rules, parts of speech, or diacritical marks and I space out. Also, although I have known about Coursera for about a year now, this is the first time I took a course. In essence, am dipping a foot into the world of online education in seemingly placid waters.

Looking forward to a fruitful five weeks with you all.

In one of the quizzes, I put in that one of the difficulties I might experience is the scheduling of a regular block of time to set aside for the classes/lessons. This is primarily due to the idiosyncracies of my internet connection. I hope my connection and my availability for class will have a better partnership for the next five weeks.

It was advised to create a journal and since I have my blog, I decided to use this as the repository for my thoughts and assignments/exercises plus serve as my calendar.

This is my first online course and I hope I can see it through to its end and earn the certificate.


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