Online Course – Day 2

21 June 2014

Regularity. If I will be regular in taking the classes in the online course, then I should log in everyday just before midnight, my time. So there I was and ready to start Unit 2 but my internet connection didn’t want to cooperate with videos, wheteher downloading or buffering. And since Unit 2 starts with a video, then today is a no-school day for me.

So, class or a marathon of Supernatural season 5? Am going for the latter but my email kept on pinging. The forum threads I am subscribed to are active. My connection allows me to roam around the forums but it still cannot load nor download the video.

Checking around the forums, I found some threads which brought me some smiles and laughs. Mostly because they lose me when they go all technical.

I know what words are correct to use. I know which is the better sentence composition. I know how to correct a badly written sentence. But ask me why and how I did those, I really cannot explain. I instinctively just know. The forum is fast becoming a place where drowning is a distinct possibility for me.

Well, I took this course to relearn the rules of grammar and I will relearn it, certificate or no certificate. But right now, Supernatural wins over grammar rules. So ta-ta, am having Dean over nouns and adjectives and adverbs before bed.


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