Online Course – Day 3

22 June 2014

While on a Supernatural marathon, I noticed the time – time for class. Actually, it was also time to look for an excuse to skip this day. Especially since it is a Sunday. But my internet connection might not cooperate tomorrow so to class I go.

A minute into the first video lecture, I heard Bamboo singing on the tv and my attention shifted. Thus, video on pause and eyes on the boob tube. Bamboo made ‘boom panes’ sound a bit classy.

Ok, Joey, back to the lesson.

Got the self-check all correct on the first video then got reacquainted with the parts of speech. Hello again, nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Hello too, case, number, and person. It’s been too long.

I am obviously not in the right frame of mind for lessons so I stopped at module 1. I will finish modules 2 and 3 on Tuesday.


Module 1 Writing Activity

1. Allen
2. computer
3. Vhince
4. phone
5. television
6. lampshade
7. dog
8. headset
9. eyeglass
10. cat

1. cold
2. white
3. loud
4. softly
5. fluffy
6. old
7. bright
8. quiet
9. blue
10. dirty

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