Online Course – Day 4

23 June 2014

Am playing hooky – absenting myself today from the Writing course. But I had a class today. A new one.

Teaching goes Massive: New Skills Required was supposed to be my first try at a MOOC. As it turned out, this became the second and concurrent one.

Instead of an introduction, there was a thread asking why we took this course. This is what I wrote:

I took this course to serve as my first online course, but a mistake on my part made this the concurrent second. The way I understood the course description, is it is exploratory in nature. I have always been in the fringes of the education field and have been a freelance lecturer/trainor for past two decades. Educational Technonolgy is an interesting field and I hope to gain new insights in this course.

The course description made me think that this will be a bit more free-wheeling than the others that are more structured. And since am easing my way into this world, this seems like an interesting place to start. With what I’ve seen so far, I think I made the right choice.

If I will be able to see myself through these two courses, then well and good. If not, then at the very least, this endeavor made me write a few lines everyday which is an activity that I have abandoned a long time ago. It’s very rare that I get to finish one piece, unless am highly emotional while writing. I have about two dozens of bits and pieces on Keep. I jot a few lines down and color them red, meaning I should finish them. But they just stay bits and pieces for months. Maybe this diary/journal activity will jumpstart it for me.


2 thoughts on “Online Course – Day 4

  1. SwanDancer says:

    For writers, life is short. Too short to be slack with writing. Let those creative juices flow out onto paper (or digital paper)– every. single. day. Just do it.


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