Online Course – Days 5 to 8

24-27 June 2014

My mobile data connection decided to go glitchy for days. Videos just wouldn’t load. Even pages gets halved.

Then it hit me – it’s Friday and my sons are in school. I can use the desktop and check if the connection there is better than on my mobile. But, lo and behold, my eldest is playing Arua Rose. It turns out it his day off from work. I told him to catch up on his sleep because I need the desktop.

I have been used to doing everything on my phablet that I often forget that I have finally gotten a solution for our internet connection at home. Movies, music, videos, social networks, web surfing, games, blogs, office documents – I do all on the phablet especially that I was always on the move. I got so used to doing all those while in bed, on the sofa, beneath my macopa tree, in the bath, in the kitchen, on the road and I even sneak peeks while driving during stoplights and traffic snarls that I am not comfortable anymore in plopping myself at the computer table for hours.

After 3 days of not logging on to Coursera, I finally managed to finish Modules 2 and 3 and the Conclusion.

Module 2 Writing Activity

1. walks
2. eating
3. playing
4. reading
5. bought
6. hammering
7. singing
8. climbed
9. cutting
10. stretched

1. early
2. nearby
3. really
4. above
5. inside
6. skillfully
7. in front
8. teasingly
9. daily
10. clumsily

Sentence 1
Wearing a pair of headset, Allen, who was eating a rice snack in front of the computer while playing an MMORPG, did not hear the ruckus being made by the fighting cats nearby.

Sentence 2
On a cloudy day while taking my morning coffee under our Macopa tree, my attention occassional shifts from the pages of my book to the fluffy white clouds above.

Unit 2 Concluding Activity

Sentence 1
The woman walks.

Although the sun is perking, a light rain is falling and the woman in an orange sundress gracefully walks amidst the raucous and muddy market street even though she is weighted down with a large, wicker basket full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats.

Sentence 2
The wind blows.

One quiet night with a sky full of stars, the wind gently blows through an open window on the second floor making the diaphanous curtains billow and the candles’ flames flicker creating patterns of shadows which lull the child into a peaceful sleep.


For the Massive Teaching course, I read the forums. I did not participate at all.

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