Online Course – Day 9 to 11

28-30 July 2014

Without anything to do at the Writing course, I went around the forum.

The forum reminds me of the days before Facebook. It is just like the Yahoo groups. In a way, it also resembles the Facebook experience. Now that I have grown tired of the endless scrolling on the news feed and groups and exchanging comments with tons of people on a single post, the forum on the courses lacks appeal to me.

I know that the forum is a necessary feedback tool but I just can’t gather the necessary enthusiasm and drive to comment much, only for scanning and reading.

I also visited the Massive Teaching forum and to be honest, I am a bit lost. Especially with the very loose structure. Massive teaching it is thus I do understand the use of various social media platforms. The instructor himself suggested to follow the course’s Twitter account for updates. Students created a G+ community and a Facebook group.

Maybe I am out of my depth or maybe my interest didn’t get piqued enough to stay with the course. I will check the second week’s materials and decide if I will stay on for the third and last week of the course or not.


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