Online Course – Days 12 to 14

1-3 July 2014

The second week’s materials for the Massive Teaching has been released but I chose to check the forum. I learned that the forum has been locked twice now and the active students are having brainstorming sessions over at G+ and Facebook.

I visited both to have a look-see. From what I have read, my interest still has not been aroused. I do not fault the course nor its structure for my lack of interest. The fault lies with me. I guess my mind is set on the Writing course and the upcoming Creativity course.

Over at the Writing course, am on Module 3. I have a pattern now. I watch the video lectures and take the quizzes and module ender activity on the desktop. The readings and the journal writings I do on the phablet.

I have finished watching the videos and all the quizzes so tomorrow, I will do the 2 writing assignments and the ender activity.

I also stopped doing a daily entry. I do not log in to the site everyday now. I just make sure that I finish all the requirements at least a day or two before the deadline.

I accomplished the recommended number of peer evaluations. But I got curious to evaluate more so I did 3 more. Much as I would like to do more, I am hesitant. I feel like I am a better editor than a teacher.

For every sentence I read, I itched to rearrange the words and phrases or change/insert a word or two to make the sentence flow smoothly instead of explaining what should be done. I suck at that. And that is the reason why I took this course – to be able to remember the rules so I can cite them whenever I am making corrections. But I think it is a bit of a losing battle. I prefer writing to re-learning the rules.

I also have this particular quirk. I dislike re-reading whatever it is I have already written. I know that one has to comb through every piece to polish it but rare do I do that. I feel like I lose the primary essence of whatever it was I originally wanted to say when I edit. I am aware that this course is not the right one for this particular concern but I thought it is better to start with the basics.

All in all, my experience so far with MOOCs is okay. I like the Writing course. I am relearning rules. I am writing. The Massive Teaching course is a bit murky for me but it is on me. I am enjoying the experience.


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