Online Course – Days 17 to 24

6 – 15 July 2014

On my side of the world, the new module gets released on a Tuesday noon  thus there was nothing to do except for the forums. But the forums are really not something that I can comfortably do.

On Tuesday morning, the 8th, I received a news that required me to spend a few days on the road. Then the weekend came along with two events. I could have done Unit 4 while on the road but the network connection chose that time to go glitchy for 4 days, from the 11th up to the 14th. The places I were in during those days are cities and the connection should have been good but it wasn’t.

Monday afternoon, the 14th, saw me a bit desperately scouting a place in the city where the signal is better and where I can stay for several hours that is quiet enough so I can do Module 4. McDonald’s Clark it was that I found.

I managed to finish a lot over several cups of McDonald’s coffee. I did the required five peer evaluations on the writing assignment for Unit 3 and went through the entire Unit 4 – lessons, quiz, and writing assignment in a rush. After all, I couldn’t very well stay at a McDonald’s, which is 22-km away from my house, the entire afternoon and evening.

Writing Assignment Unit 4

I was born and bred in Manila, the main city of my country. At the age of 16, my family decided to settle in the town of Porac in the province of Pampanga, a third class municipality, at the time, about a hundred kilometers away from the City of Manila. I used to get frustrated with the “earliness” of the day-to-day living in this town; early to sleep, early to rise. Gradually though, the quietness of the night in this place grew on me. Unlike in the city where everyone seems to be rushing at any given time of the day, life here is slow-paced. People here know every single person and a simple morning walk to and from the market will give one not only the freshest produce but also the freshest stories about everyone else in town. Most days, during harvest season, vegetables can be had for free, whether ones asks for it or not. Fruit-bearing trees abound and one only has to ask the owner to pick some without any worry that he will be denied. It is a common sight that children and teenagers go in and out of each others’ houses. Also, this town’s proximity to Angeles City is a boon, only about a 10 kilometer distance. One can study or work in a city for the day and retire at night to a truly quiet and relaxing community. Up to this day, there are still nights that I forget to lock up the doors and windows of our house before retiring at night without nary a worry and wake up the next morning with everything as it was.


On the same day, the Creativity, Innovation, and Change class opened. Signing up for this class a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited. But on the day it opened, I was in a time bind thus I skipped checking out the class.

The Massive Teaching course ended during this week but I did not check in there again after all the issues that happened within the course.

This morning, the 15th, I had to do some preparations in and around the house because of the incoming typhoon that is predicted to be quite something. When I got the chance to check Coursera late this afternoon, I was surprised and disappointed that my writing assignment didn’t get posted. I guess I should have checked it before the noon deadline but my mind was already on the coming typhoon.

The lack of a stable and reliable internet connection in my area is the only thing that has held me back from trying out any and all online classes and work. This snafu clearly illustrate that difficulty.


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